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Richie & Bel

Contemporary Folk Duo

The story of Richie & Bel starts in the early spring of 2016.
Two singer-songwriters from Israel, met on one of Jaffa's most chaotic street corners during a magical street performance on a sunny afternoon.

It was one of those rare encounters and a turning point in time. A moment that led them just one month later, to cross continents, put aside their individual solo careers and continue their musical journey together.

In the winter of 2017 they traveled to India. There for 6 weeks, in small village house by the sea, they woke up every morning with the task of writing their first mutual music pieces.

Writing songs about love and wondering, singing in perfect harmony with 2 guitars that go straight to your heart. 
For almost 6
 years now they have made Berlin their new home and a base for performing and sharing their great passion for music at venues and festivals across Europe and Israel.

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